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幫照片化妝-ArcSoft Perfect365 v1.8.0.1 版

ArcSoft Perfect365 v1.8.0.1容許使用者點擊一個按鈕操縱他們的照片。

幫照片化妝-ArcSoft Perfect365 v1.8.0.1 版

幫照片化妝-ArcSoft Perfect365 v1.8.0.1 版

ArcSoft Perfect365 強大的功能:





ArcSoft Perfect365 allows users to manipulate their photos with a single button click.
Perfect365 is a One-click makeup, which can detect faces in images automatically and let users make cosmetic changes,
like fading dark circles under eyes and so on. Also allow users add makeup,
which could make it useful for testing out new looks.

Here are some powerful features:

1. One-Click Style Templates Make it Effortless
All it takes is one click to refine your photos. Apply a pre-set template to quickly touch-up your photos. It's easy and fun! Click the More buttons to add additional pre-set style templates to the collection.

2. Achieve a Natural Look
Let Perfect365 highlight your natural beauty with touch-up, make-up, and face enhancing tools. Glamorize your eyes with a hint of color, emphasize your brows, or whiten your teeth. The look is subtle and natural.

3. Instant Multi-Face Detection
With Perfect365, up to 20 faces in a photo are instantly detected. Our software even detects slightly tilted heads or faces covered with sunglasses. Just import a group shot and find everyone's good side!

4. Show Off and Share
Collect and share new looks with friends and family. Save your makeover and post your transformed photos on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

幫照片化妝-ArcSoft Perfect365 v1.8.0.1 版
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