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【瘋狂智慧動畫大師】CrazyTalk Animator v3.01.1116.1

【瘋狂智慧動畫大師】CrazyTalk Animator v3.01.1116.1


以下是「CrazyTalk Animator」的一些主要功能:
– 完整的2D動畫環境
– 拖放媒體編輯
– 進階時間軸和關鍵幀動畫
– 真正的Z深度分層和3D相機檢視

– 實時的面部和身體木偶
– 從文字和音訊檔案自動口頭同步
– 使用IK&FK控制鍵進行編輯
– Sprite交換動畫

– 從照片建立虛擬演員
– 面部和身體照片配件
– 訂做3D臉部輪廓和麵部特徵
– Character Composer的無限禮服風格

– 支援和現場集團管理
– 具有父子層次結構的Prop comperer
– 具有動畫精靈的交談式道具
– 大氣特效,情感和文字氣球

– 免費圖像,視訊和Flash媒體組合
– 訂做字元內容系統
– 訂做運動puppeteering配置檔
– 線上後台內容庫存

– 任何裝置的3D立體編譯
– 流行的圖像和視訊匯出格式
– 網路和Flash視訊輸出
– 後期製作與Alpha通道

Create actors using any photo or illustration. Bring actors to life with automatic facial animation & innovative puppeteering motion. Drag & drop to build sets with scenery and props. Film and direct all the action with the camera & timeline tracks for complete 2D Animation. CrazyTalk Animator will help you build your own animations fast and easy. The fun factor is also included!

Here are some key features of "CrazyTalk Animator":
Production Environment:
– Complete 2D animation environment
– Drag-n-drop media editing
– Advanced timeline & keyframe animation
– Real Z-depth layering & 3D camera view

Smart Animation:
– Real-time face & body puppeteering
– Auto lip-sync from text & audio files
– Key editing with IK & FK control
– Sprite swapping animation

Actor Creation:
– Virtual actor creation from photo
– Face & body photo fitting
– Custom 3D face profiles and facial features
– Unlimited dress styles from Character Composer

Stage & SFX:
– Prop & scene group management
– Prop composer with parent-child hierarchy
– Interactive props with animatable sprites
– Atmospheric special effects, emotives and text balloons

Content Inventory:
– Free image, video and Flash media composition
– Custom character content system
– Custom motion puppeteering profiles
– Online Backstage content inventory

Render & Output:
– 3D Stereo rendering for any device
– Popular image and video export formats
– Web & Flash video outputs
– Post-production with alpha channel




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