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【3D繪圖軟體】Maxon CINEMA 4D Studio R19.053 Build RB224935 官方正式中文版

高質量做得更好。再一次,CINEMA 4D憑藉其前瞻性的創新,易用性和傳奇般的穩定性令人信服。

無論是電影,電視,廣告,科學模擬,建築,產品設計還是任何需要專業效果的領域,CINEMA 4D的實際發佈都為您提供了前所未有的可能性。
其獨一無二的模組化系統和易於學習的特點使CINEMA 4D成為任何用途和每個預算的理想工具

對於那些工作要求比基本應用要求更高的人員,MAXON提供無數CINEMA 4D模組,可以無縫整合。

總共有10個模組可用於延伸CINEMA 4D應用程式的功能以滿足您的需求。與購買單個模組相比,您可以節省額外的20%,當您購買其中一個可用捆綁包時。

作為一名3D藝術家,您知道快速簡單的工作流程是完成最後期限和打敗競爭對手的關鍵。 CINEMA 4D的介面利用非模態管理器實時反饋和強大的OpenGL支援提供了一個高效的基礎,同時容許您自訂介面本身的幾乎每個方面,以實現最快和最簡單的工作流程。
此版本將為您提供盡可能大的空間來處理場景或模型。還加入了一些設施,使CINEMA 4D更愉快。例如,現在可以直接在對像管理器或材質編輯器中更名項目。

CINEMA 4D的完全可定制的介面使得每個工具都可以輕鬆到達。您可以輕鬆地重新設計佈局,調色板甚至選單以符合您的個人工作流程或特定任務,並輕鬆地在佈局和選單之間輕鬆切換。使用級聯捷徑,您可以為任何指令配置快捷鍵,甚至可以在單個捷徑下為組指令配置快捷鍵。全局跳出視窗提供了對常用指令的輕鬆訪問,而HUD將寶貴的場景資料和工具選項放在場景的頂部。

您是一位藝術家,除了工作良好之外,您的介面看起來不錯也很重要。 CINEMA 4D的專案可讓您輕鬆變更介面的外觀和風格,以符合您的風格或情緒。使用其中一種專案或設計自己的專案,並與其他使用者分享。 CINEMA 4D的快速時尚介面適合您。你是現實世界中的3D藝術家,現在該開始更快速的工作 – 更聰明了。

以下是「CINEMA 4D」的一些主要特點:
– 背景模板的圖像可以直接拖入2D檢視。
– OpenGL模式下的噪聲著色器顯示。
– 任何CINEMA 4D指令都可以拖到編輯器檢視中以用作HUD元素。
– 平板電腦使用者的導航速度設定。
– 用於以本地CINEMA 4D格式多邊形儲存對象的選項。
– 新的自動儲存功能。
– 原生CINEMA 4D檔案格式可以在Allplan 2008中直接開啟。
– 新的DWG匯入格式。
– HUD中的選取說明。
– 新的HUD指令。
– 現有的對像或材料可以作為XRefs輸出的指令。
– 相機旋轉可以通過手動調整的支點進行微調。
– 使用XRef功能可將對像和材質儲存到單獨的場景中。
– 顯示使用的最後八個工具
– 交談式放置燈光(和反射)的工具。
– 選取所有Phong邊緣休息。
– 用於連線點或邊的新結構指令。
– 考慮到Phong角度的新結構指令。
– 旋轉選取邊的指令。
– 一個新的動畫調色板選項,使其他應用程式的使用者可以更輕鬆地使用CINEMA 4D。
– 可延伸的迷你F曲線。
– 可以使用游標鍵搬移選取的鍵。
– 新的關鍵屬性「相對」。
– 偽序列可輕鬆選取和重新定位給定軌道上的所有鍵。
– 場景之間交換旗標。
– 在對像管理器和時間軸中同時選取對象。
– 新的KeyReducer算法。
– 刪除冗餘密鑰。
– 用於在第一個和最後一個鍵之前定義動畫的指令。
– 使鍵相對的指令。
– 用於在靜音和活動之間切換按鍵狀態的指令。
– 選取的鍵可以縮放並臨時搬移。
– 指令將現有對象/材質作為外部參照來源。
– 最多可建立5個F曲線快照。
– 使用RM曲線可以控制複雜的曲線。
– 用於在行中顯示「材質管理器」圖層索引片的指令。
– 將參數重設為預設設定。
– 現在可以訪問編輯器相機的設定。
– 全文搜尋可以在上下文關聯的說明系統中進行。
– 可以通過對話框直接訪問說明。
– 說明頁面可以加入書籤。


【3D繪圖軟體】Maxon CINEMA 4D Studio R19.053 Build RB224935 官方網址:

Top quality made even better. Once again, CINEMA 4D convinces with its forward-looking innovation, ease of use and legendary stability.

The actual release of CINEMA 4D offers you more possibilities than ever before, whether for film, television, advertising, scientific simulations, architecture, product design or any other field that demands professional results. Its one-of-a-kind modular system and the ease with which it can be learned make CINEMA 4D the ideal tool for any purpose and every budget

The basic application already contains all functions needed to create high-end 3D images and animations start the application and start working, it's that easy. For those whose work demands more than the basic application, MAXON provides numerous CINEMA 4D modules that can be integrated seamlessly.

A total of 10 modules are available with which you can expand the functionality of your CINEMA 4D application to fit your needs. You can save an extra 20%, compared with the individual purchase of modules, when you buy one of the available bundles.

As a 3D artist you know that fast, easy workflow is the key to meeting deadlines and beating the competition. CINEMA 4D's interface takes advantage of non-modal managers for realtime feedback and robust OpenGL support to provide an efficient foundation, while allowing you to customize almost every aspect of the interface itself to achieve the fastest and easiest workflow possible.
This version will give you the maximum space possible to work on your scenes or models. Little amenities have also been added that make working with CINEMA 4D more pleasant. For example, items can now be renamed directly in the Object Manager or Material Editor.

CINEMA 4D's completely customizable interface puts every tool within easy reach. You can easily redesign layouts, palettes and even menus to match your personal workflow or particular tasks, and easily switch between layouts and menus with the click of a button. With cascading shortcuts, you can assign a shortcut key to any command and even group commands under a single shortcut. The global popup provides easy access to frequently used commands, while the HUD puts valuable scene data and tool options right on top of the scene.

You're an artist, and it's important that your interface looks good in addition to working well. CINEMA 4D's schemes allow you to easily change the look and feel of the interface to match your style or mood. Use one of several included schemes or design your own and share it with other users. CINEMA 4D's fast, stylish interface fits you. You're a 3D artist in the real world, and it's time you start working faster – and smarter.

Here are some key features of "CINEMA 4D":
– Images for background templates can be dragged directly into a 2D view.
– Noise shader display in OpenGL mode.
– Any CINEMA 4D command can be dragged into the editor view to be used as a HUD element.
– Navigation speed setting for tablet users.
– Option for saving objects polygonally in the native CINEMA 4D format.
– New Auto-Save function.
– Native CINEMA 4D file format can be opened directly in Allplan 2008.
– New DWG import format.
– Selection assistance in the HUD.
– New HUD commands.
– Commands with which existing objects or materials can be put out as XRefs.
– Camera rotation can be fine-tuned via a manually adjustable pivot point.
– Objects and materials can be saved to separate scenes using the XRef function.
– The last eight tools used are displayed
– Tool for interactively placing lights (and reflections).
– Selecting all Phong Edge Breaks.
– New Structure command for connecting Points or Edges.
– New Structure command for removing edges in consideration of the Phong Angle.
– Command to spin selected edges.
– A new Animation Palette option that makes it easier for users of other applications to use CINEMA 4D.
– Scalable mini F-Curves.
– Selected keys can be moved using the cursor keys.
– New key property, "Relative".
– Pseudo sequences for easy selection and repositioning of all keys on a given track.
– Exchanging Markers between scenes.
– Selecting objects simultaneously in the Object Manager and the Timeline.
– New KeyReducer algorithm.
– Deletion of redundant Keys.
– Commands for defining an animation before the first and after the last Key.
– Command to make Keys relative.
– Command for switching the Key state between Mute and Active.
– Selected Keys can be scaled and moved temporally.
– Commands to source out existing objects/materials as XRefs.
– Up to 5 F-Curve snapshots can be made..
– Complex curves can be controlled using RM Curves.
– Command for displaying the Material Manager's layer tabs in rows.
– Resetting parameters to default setting.
– The Editor Camera's settings can now be accessed.
– A full text search can be conducted in the context-sensitive Help system.
– Help can be accessed directly from dialog windows.
– Help pages can be bookmarked.



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